Advisor Employees' Disability Insurance

Advisor Employees' Disability Insurance

Employees of Advisors Disability Insurance

We understand that your team is the backbone of your organization. In addition to covering Independent Financial Advisors, we also provide coverage for their full-time staff.

For starters, we insure 60% of full-time employee’s salary, up to $100,000.

We offer a dual plan that provides both Short-Term and Long-Term disability coverage.

Our plan is paid weekly for up to 13 weeks and paid monthly from the 13th week to 2 and 1/4 years. The Lifetime Security Benefit and The Assisted Living Benefit are built into the full-time staff plans. We make coverage as simple as possible so you can keep working alongside your team while we take care of the rest.

NOTE: This is not intended as a complete description of the insurance coverage offered. Controlling provisions are provided in the policy, and this summary does not modify those provisions or the insurance in any way. This is not a binding contract. A certificate of coverage will be made available to you that describes the benefits in greater details. Should there be a difference between this summary and the contract, the contract will govern.