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Posted 8 December 2016

Wisdom from Monica Soltes

The Council for Disability Awareness is on an important mission to help Americans become more aware of their chances of becoming disabled and how it can impact all aspects of their lives. Monica Soltes speaks out about her personal experience with becoming disabled in this informative video. By explaining her journey through injury and illness, […]

Posted 6 December 2016

Group Disability Insurance

What is Group Disability Insurance? If you ask someone what the most important things to cover with insurance are, likely answers will be their car, their homes, their health, maybe even their phones. Typically, most members of the general population will have their homes and cars covered by insurance policies, along with health insurance and […]

Posted 6 December 2016


We are Financial Advisor Benefits, and we would like to welcome you to our new site. We are a company whose mission is to provide vital benefits to financial entrepreneurs across the nation. When it comes to our approach to helping financial advisors and their employees get the coverage they deserve, there is no obstacle […]